Basics of good CV writing


Your  CV (curriculum Vitae) is an important document that you will use throughout your career. Even when you are hunted you will still need to have a sound and professional  CV.

There area number of companies offering (paid) support in constructing your CV. We will get back to those in a later Blog.


The basics of CV writing:

·        Be honest

·        Be concise and to the point

·        Use all relevant keywords: to be found in database searches

·        Make no spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes

·        Use logical and consisted formatting

·        Give a professional overview of responsibilities, achievements and learned lessons

·        Adjust your CV as your career advances:  some details become irrelevant

·        Don’t exceed 2 pages.

·        Pay attention to detail: all aspects of your CV are to be perfect


In essence: Headhunters will generally take the view that a smart CV means a smart candidate


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