Lintberg Index shows small decline in chances 100k+ jobs market

The december edition of the Lintberg Index shows a small decline in the chances of candidates searching for a job in the 100k+ market segment. This downward trend was caused by more available candidates entering the market combined with a limited number of new positions being published, as predicted in the previous Lintberg Index blog.

The numbers for January are almost in, so stay tuned for future developments!

Lintberg Index December

Lintberg Index December shows small decline (click for large graph)

* The Lintberg Index is a monthly analysis of developments in the top 2% of the labour market. The index is a weighted index based on the number of running vacancies, the number of new vacancies, the positions advertising period and the total the number of application on €100K+ jobs in the Netherlands based on the input of the market leader Lintberg. A higher index indicates an improved labour market for professionals in the 100k+ segment.

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