September index shows third plus in a row

The Lintberg Index, representing the chances of candidates in the top segment of the labour market, experienced a rise in September, the third month in a row. For September this means an increase of 8 points when compared to August. This rise was mostly caused by the relatively faster rise of total positions in September, where the number of applications lagged behind. The Lintberg index also takes into account the total number of 100k+ positions and the average recruiting period, of which the latter saw a decline of four days to an average of 86 days.

If the index will reach a higher point for a fourth time is to be seen. Despite a spectacular rise of the number of new positions in the first half of October (almost equalling the total month of September), the total number of applications has already outperformed September, which will give a negative spin on the index.

The Lintberg Index indicates the monthly changing chances for candidates of finding a new position in the top of the labor market. The weighed index takes into calculation the number of outstanding job opportunities, newly published positions, the duration of the recruiting period and the total amount of applications for 100k+ positions, based on data provided by Lintberg.

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