Top 10 Highest Paid CEO’s in 2012

The 2012 annual figures are rolling in and if the financial compensation for Chief Executive Officers is a sign of recovery, it would be clear that the economy is picking up. With an average increase in total direct compensation of +50%, you could say that the top 10 of highest paid CEO’s is doing quite well for itself. According to research by the Wall Street Journal, only two CEO’s saw their direct compensation decline (Les Moonves at CBS and Philippe Dauman at Viacom, both media companies). However, most of the leaders in the top 10 saw a double-digit growth on their bank account.

Breaking down the top 10 in absolute value, Larry Ellison at Oracle takes the top spot with a staggering $94 million in total compensation, followed at respectable distance by Les Moonves ($58 million). Looking at percentual increase, Mark Parket at Nike saw his annual compensation increase by 167% to a value of nearly $34 million.

If one could speak of a ‘loser’ in this list of top earners, it would be Philippe Dauman at Viacom. Although still taking home $33 million, he saw that this was nearly a quarter less than what he had earned last year. Still, little need to feel sorry for him as this would still buy him 2000+ mid-sized family wagons.

The complete top 10, according to the Wall Street Journal:

  1. Lawrence J. Ellison at Oracle – $94,612,064 (+24.5%)
  2. Leslie Moonves at CBS – $58,843,439 (-15.1%)
  3. Robert A. Iger at Walt Disney – $36,302,508 (+19.4%)
  4. Mark G. Parker at Nike – $33,904,186 (+167.2%)
  5. Philippe P. Dauman at Viacom – $33,126,741 (-22.6%)
  6. John J. Donahue at eBay – $29,459,756 (+97.8%)
  7. Omar Ishrak at Medtronic – $27,745,085 (n.a.)
  8. Rex W. Tillerson at Exxon Mobil – $26,781,875 (+8.7%)
  9. Kent J. Thiry at DaVita HealthCare – $26,300,394 (+54.2%)
  10. Howard Schultz at Starbucks – $26,289,044 (+65.9%)

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