High end Jobs in Blockchain and Crypto

In many sectors and in particularly in the fintech sector blockchain is a high-growth area. A wide range of companies are looking for professionals with experience in blockchain. Especially now the concept of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is taking flight. There are opportunities for jobs in technical positions like blockchain engineers and architects but also in non-technical positions in Managerial, legal, compliance and communications roles.

In the Crypto environment jobs are likely to pay significantly better than corresponding jobs in other industries, with blockchain developer salaries coming in around 20% higher on average. Six-figure salaries are quite common, with the best non managerial positions paying up to USD 200,000 per year excluding bonuses and other other benefits.

Some examples of 100k+ jobs:

  • Blockchain developer - Salary ~$170,000.
  • Blockchain data scientist - Salary ~$ 170,000
  • Blockchain Marketing Managerial - Salary ~$ 180,000

There are quite some players in the crypto space. Check out this comparison site for buying Bitcoin to find the relevant ones: Bitcoin Kahuna

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