The Lintberg Index for August: breakdown in 100k+ jobs

The linberg index* for July was slightly down on June. The index for August 2009 however has glided to an all time low of 58!  Although the Lintberg index on Huntedhead only covers the 100k+ jobs in the Netherlands it does indicate an European collapse in this segment in August. Times are tough for Executive Search firms and candidates and it shows in the figures.

Lintberg index 0809

*The Lintberg Index is a monthly analysis of developments in the top 2% of the labour market

The index is a weighted index based on the number of running vacancies, the number of new vacancies, the positions advertising period and the total the number of application on Euro100K+ jobs in the Netherlands based on the input of the market leader Lintberg (  A higher index indicates an improved labour market for professionals in the 100k+ segment.


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