Lintberg Index for 100k+ jobs in October: Stabile

The Lintberg index for October is 71. The Index was 69 in September.

So a little movement upwards which was mainly caused by the fact that the number of available jobs in the 100k+ Euros segment has increased. The number of people applying increased also which caused the growth of the index to be minimal. However, it is encouraging that we now have 2 months of growth.

index october






*The Lintberg Index is a monthly analysis of developments in the top 2% of the labour market

The index is a weighted index based on the number of running vacancies, the number of new vacancies, the positions advertising period and the total the number of application on Euro100K+ jobs in the Netherlands based on the input of the market leader Lintberg. A higher index indicates an improved labour market for professionals in the 100k+ segment.


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