Lintberg Index moves to 100

The Lintberg Index* for February totals at 94 points, proving an increase in the index for the third month in a row. Most significantly the numbers are fastly approaching the level of over 2 years ago, when the index reached a level of over 100 points in January 2009.

Despite February being a short month, it showed a 34% increase in new 100k+ positions compared to January. The improving index of the past months is predominantly caused by a relatively stronger increase in new job opportunities in the top segment of the market as compared to the number of new candidates.

Especially the positions in general management, finance and sales continue to grow in numbers, whereas the segments real estate and HR remain at the same low level as before.

The Lintberg Index for February 2011

The February Lintberg index moves to 100 points

* The Lintberg Index is a monthly analysis of developments in the top 2% of the labour market. The index is a weighted index based on the number of running vacancies, the number of new vacancies, the positions advertising period and the total the number of application on €100K+ jobs in the Netherlands based on the input of the market leader Lintberg. A higher index indicates an improved labour market for professionals in the 100k+ segment.

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