Lintberg Index takes big leap in January

By Thomas Verbeeck, Managing Director Lintberg

The Lintberg Index, representing the chances of candidates in the top segment of the labour market, experienced a growth of no less than 16 points, ending at 81 index points. This significant rise was forecasted in my last notice on the Lintberg Index.

Over the years, January has traditionally been a good month for job postings at Lintberg and 2012 proves to be no exception. With a 53% increase as opposed to December of last year, the most noticeable number is that of processed applications which has seen a 13% drop, contributing to the rise of the index. Despite the big rise, January 2011 still outperformed the past month, with 86 points.

Lintberg Index January 2012

Lintberg Index takes big leap in January


* The Lintberg Index is a monthly analysis of developments in the top 2% of the labour market. The index is a weighted index based on the number of running vacancies, the number of new vacancies, the positions advertising period and the total the number of application on €100K+ jobs in the Netherlands based on the input of the market leader Lintberg. A higher index indicates an improved labour market for professionals in the 100k+ segment.

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