Preparing for an interview with an Executive Recruiter

There are some basic elements in every interview:

  • Behind each question is a motive: Always remember that anything you tell a recruiter will contain information.
  • Spontaneous responses: All recruiters ask unusual queries in hope that you’ll respond directly and they’ll learn something about your character
  • Why are you here?: Make sure you have got that answered to yourself for a 100% before talking to any recruiter. It could be a very short answer or long one but the essence of it reveals your motivation and with that tells the recruiter a lot about you and your potential match with a company or job
  • What others say about you?: this question comes in all sort of shapes and forms but is always asked. So what would they say about you?
  • Strengths and weaknesses: If you are serious about your (long term) career and well being you don’t kid yourself and answer truthfully. However it is not necessary to dwell on your weaknesses for long of course. Your strengths have to be crystal clear and should be translated into clear advantages for the job/company  
  • What do you think about the Market, company or job type?: This is a no brainer, you will have to be prepared. Do research about the market, company and the type of job you are talking about and make sure that they know you know.
  • Are you the right man for the job?: Always a tricky one, again being straight is the only approach. If you feel that certain areas are a clear match be sure to mention them. For elements that you not so sure about you can state that you would like to explore it more.
  • All the questions you have: Every question you ask about the market, company and the job reflects your motivation and professionalism. And of course you really want to have more information.

In summary:

Know yourself, no really know yourself

The best impression you will make is when you are composed, professional and interested and that what you say and show matches your skills and capabilities.

Kind regards,

Frank Mortimer

Hunted head


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