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Microsoft decides on new CEO

Microsoft has finally concluded their search for the successor of chairman Steve Ballmer. The choice has fallen on Satya Nadella, a long-time employee of the US software giant. Having worked there since 1992, Nadella was responsible for the Cloud & Enterprise branch for the most recent years. Nadella’s appointment does not come unexpected, but is […]

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Who is Hiring? High Paying Jobs That Nobody Wants

“The best social program is a good job,” President Ronald Reagan once remarked. Those words ring especially true during times like today’s, with high unemployment, modest hiring and government expenditures off the charts. As much as the unemployment rate has been steadily declining for the better part of three years, it’s still stuck near 8%, […]

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Should CEOs Use Social Media?

The Affirmative Position: Proponents of C-level social media participation believe the digital universe provides the CEO with the ultimate platform to evangelize the corporate brand, and to effectively communicate across multiple constituencies. They are opportunity managers who believe engagement to be more valuable than silence, they believe in dialog not monologue, they believe in change […]

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3 Crucial Mistakes Companies Make In Slumps

With the economy is on its way back up, now is the time to evaluate how we’ve done, what mistakes were made and how to establish the foundation for the coming growth spurt.

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Headhunter Top 15 Worldwide

The top 15 is based on global revenue and is headed by Korn/Ferry. With a 2011 revenue of €568 million, this globally renowned headhunter with activities in 40 countries, tops the list. Egon Zehnder (€490 million, active in 39 countries) and Heidrick& Struggles (€403 million revenue, offices in 35 countries) complete the top three.

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The CIA can teach CEOs a thing or two

Most business leaders at CxO level neglect to consistently evaluate and review the quality of the decisions they make within their organizations. A lack of time is what is most commonly given as excuse, and the results of their decisions are often inconclusive, even when looking back.

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Six Tips For Uncovering Salary Information About a Job

Trying to gather some competitive data on salaries for a particular job function? Here are six strategies you can use to gather important salary information. Knowing your market value before you start interviewing will help you craft a sound negotiation strategy later on if you are selected for the position. Speak to industry contacts. They […]

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Measuring Success as a CEO.

Knowing the job description is a good first step for a CEO, but to know how she’s doing, she needs to design her own measurement system. Unlike inconvenient lower-level jobs, no one tells the Chief Executive how she’s doing. Do managers let her know she’s undermining their authority, making poor decisions, or communicating poorly? Not […]

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Maybe the CEO job is overrated

It’s coming up on six months since Dirk Meyer was forced to resign as CEO of Advanced Micro Devices Inc., and the search for Meyer’s successor plods onward. Last week, Bloomberg reported that four executives—longtime Intel Corp. exec Pat Gelsinger, Apple Inc. COO Tim Cook, former Hewlett Packard Co. CEO Mark Hurd and Carlyle Group […]

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International companies to post many more executives abroad

International companies are expecting to post many more executives abroad in the next five years.

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